Where to Hide Important Documents at Home

2022-12-12 Mpprojekt

Everyone has important documents, from birth certificates to banking information, that they want to keep safe. While we never want to think of bad things, these documents are all crucial in the event of an emergency or disaster. Fortunately, it`s easy to store and protect them. With some planning, organizing, scanning, and storing tools, you can keep all your important documents in one safe place. Housing experts will tell you that storing your valuables in fake versions of home renovation is a great alternative to thwart thieves. Think: PVC pipes, vents, cabinet lights, thermostats and outlets behind the wall (à la our favorite anti-hero Walter White). You should use fake versions in case there is a fire or if you forget that all your emergency fund is in the vent that your CCV guy just crawled into. Lock your valuables with a secure, well-hidden safe and make sure they are attached to the wall or floor. One former offender told John Lewis Home Insurance: „Most people have a cabinet of `little things` in their kitchen where they often keep their keys. Instead, I hid my car and house keys in grocery cabinets when I left – packets of rice, cereal boxes. You will not go through all your food parcels.

DVD cases are another good place to hide valuables because they are harder to find. On average, more than 2.5 million homes are broken into in the United States each year. Most of us don`t like to think about this statistic, but it won`t stop you. I can also guarantee you that if a thief breaks into a house, the first place he goes is the master bedroom to retrieve his loot. The photo above shows the front yard of my house with my two dogs, Izzy and Bailey, looking at me, „What are you doing, Mom?” When you leave, keep curtains and blinds open, but move expensive items out of sight. The best room in the house to keep the lights on is the hallway, as revealed by half of the respondents. But timers are considered the best option because they create a better illusion that someone is at home. But in addition to knowing where your documents are, some documents, such as Social Security information or tax returns, can be just as appealing to a burglar as your big-screen TV or electronics. Take a look at five important documents you should save and ways to save those documents from the wrong hands. Hi Deborah, I`m glad they weren`t there when you got home. I`m glad you`re safe, but man, it`s scary! Linda cereal boxes, pasta packets and toy boxes are the best places to hide valuables in your home, a group of former burglars has revealed.

Hi Cheryl, oh my God, exactly! Today, it was simply a matter of giving ideas to get people to prepare by putting away their important items. Stay safe, Linda Hi Karilyn, great comment. I`m so sorry that burglars broke into your house and took things. It`s interesting what they brought with them, socks (maybe for work or church) and a clock radio. Now we will ALL wonder why the burglars took the maternity clothes (what they expected) and there was $$$$$$ in the container prepared for storage. Thanks for sharing!!! Linda`s home insurance claims rise during the darkest months of the year, and the holiday season is unfortunately a time when burglars are more likely to strike, with many people visiting friends and family and leaving their homes and cars unattended. While you can get rid of receipts after three years, you should keep your annual tax returns forever. The IRS only has three years to conduct an audit, so once that time is up, it`s okay to throw away the rest of the documents. A new study by the security retailer safe.co.uk revealed that more than 25% of Britons don`t pay much attention to protecting their home during the holiday season.

Whether you`re on vacation or just at work, chances are your not-so-friendly thieves are watching around the neighborhood. If you keep valuables in the house and not in a locker, you need to think about how to take your home security system to the next level.