Arquitetura Legal Sp

2022-10-02 Mpprojekt

The legal architecture uses the arqleg methodology, created by professional experience, to create transparency, a fair price and tranquility for those who need to regularize their property. Legal architecture is an architecture and engineering firm that maintains a partnership with several law firms focused on the regularization of real estate, from land to building registration, from the checklist in the property itself to processing in the responsible agencies, which is carried out directly by the technical manager of the projects, without the hiring of brokers. We take the certificates issued by the supervisory authorities for registration / registration in the real estate register of the district of the property We archive and follow all the treatments, including compliance with the requirements, until the sending of the certificates We check whether the documentation of the property is suitable for processing in the supervisory authorities It was not possible to send the message, Try again later. We analyze whether the building or project meets the urban parameters defined by the City Council How to approve a construction or renovation project in the city of São Paulo CEUSO and CTLU – situations subject to special analysis when approving projects in São Paulo We carry out every step of the process and you do not have to worry about anything! Non-calculable garage project script in EHIS and EZEIS buildings in urban operation – Regulation according to the new decree 59.886/2020 The continuous improvement of the team and the strong demand of its managers is a constant in the legal architecture, which has always been concerned to offer us the best on the market. Our mission is to turn into simple what is now considered bureaucracy, because over the years all experiences have become coordinated ideas that are always looking for the right thing. New decree for the companies HIS and HMP and EZEIS.